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Where Quality Meets Creativity: Custom sunglasses, golf balls, water bottles, mugs, magnets, hand sanitiziers, backpacks, lanyards, USB sticks, calendars, journals, pens, cellphone stands, umbrellas, flashlights, measuring tapes & more!

Who are we?

Welcome to Northern Promotions, where passion meets precision in branding and promotional solutions. Since 1989, we've established a legacy of excellence and we remain dedicated to our clients.Our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and budget-friendly solutions ensures your vision comes to life exactly as imagined. Let us elevate your brand. Discover why your image is our business.

Promotional Products

Make your brand memorable with our wide range of custom promotional products. From pens and mugs to tech gadgets and eco-friendly items, Northern Promotions offers innovative solutions to enhance your marketing strategy. Each product is carefully selected and customized to reflect your brand’s identity, making every giveaway, event, or corporate gift an opportunity to impress and engage your audience.

Ready to Transform Your Brand?

Let's get started on bringing your vision to life. Email us at email to kick-off your order with Northern Promotions, where every detail counts in making your brand stand out. Don’t wait, elevate your brand with us today!

Northern Promotions

Northern Promotions promises quality, on-time delivery, and budget-friendly solutions. Elevate your brand with us, where your image is our business.

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